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Let Me IntroduceMy name is Cristian Magri

I was born in Montichiari in the province of Brescia on January 1st 1976. In 1995 I obtained the diploma of Hotel Services Officer at the Hotel Institute of Desenzano del Garda. I started my profession in restaurants on the shores of Lake Garda. At the age of twenty I moved to London…

From the OriginsA Journey in the name of Taste

Everything began on Lake Garda, a place that I still keep in my heart because this is where I was born and where I took my first steps. A journey that has led me to the discovery of scents and flavors which are typical of my land and which allowed me to cultivate my greatest passion: cuisine. It is here that I learned to use seasonal products, turning them into delicate and original menus. When I was twenty, it was the turn of my arrival in London where I grew up next to Giorgio Locatelli and Marco Pierre White from whom I learned the secrets of gourmet cuisine.

When I came back to Italy I continued my journey to discover the traditional Italian cuisine and the products of our colorful territory, to understand its origins and characteristics. I started at ‘Il luogo di Aimo e Nadia’, by Aimo e Nadia Moroni, as a second chef, and I got to master chef at ‘Cracco Peck’, by Carlo Cracco. At Aimo and Nadia I met Emanuela, my future wife, with whom in October 2004 I opened ‘Il Vicolo di Emanuela e Cristian’, a restaurant that in a few years has become a destination for gourmand palates.

In 2008, and for a year, I oversaw the relaunch of Milan’s Savini restaurant with the title of Executive Chef & Director.

In 2009 I created the ‘Dolceccetera’ project with the aim of making franchise of it and I opened the first shop in Settimo Milanese, presenting the new concept: coffee, pastry, ice cream and ‘easy restaurant’ all in one, where good food rhymes with simplicity, but not with banality. An easy and fresh dimension of the coffee shop concept and more friendly than the classic restaurant, which also offers a professional catering service for business lunches, lunches or dinners.

In December 2011, still in Settimo, I opened the restaurant ‘Cristian Magri’: a place for gourmet palates where I propose a modern, serious and concrete cuisine, with creative menus that wink at tradition and which are aimed at enhancing the raw materials of the local area and the season. An idea of high level restaurant, but available to everyone. The structure of the restaurant is spread over a large area, including a café and a pastry shop.

My own experienceAt the service of your Palate

  • sono stato premiato nel 2007 dal Touring Club Italiano come “Miglior chef emergente d’Italia”
  • nel 2006 e nel 2007 la Guida Critica e Golosa ha premiato il mio ristorante Vicolo di Corsico come “Miglior ristorante della provincia di Milano”
  • nel 2012 e nel 2013 la Guida Critica e Golosa ha assegnato al mio ristorante Cristian Magri la corona come “Miglior ristorante” nella provincia di Milano
  • nel 2012 il mio ristorante Cristian Magri riceve il premio di “Miglior ristorante” dallaguida Alberghi e Ristoranti d’Italia 2013 del Touring Club
  • nel 2013 il mio ristorante Cristian Magri riceve il premio “Chef al Top” per la categoria Buona Cucina nell’area geografica Nord-Ovest dalla guida Alberghi e Ristoranti d’Italia 2014 del Touring Club

e nel passato….

Novembre 2007

Relatore nella manifestazione “Golosaria” all’Hotel Melià di Milano

Ottobre 2007

Premio come “ Chef Emergente 2008” nella categoria “I Top di Domani” curato dal giornalista Luigi Cremona per la guida Touring Club

Settembre 2007

Relatore alla manifestazione enogastronomica “Squisito”

Novembre 2006

Conferma corona radiosa della Guida Critica e Golosa
Partecipazione all’importante rassegna enogastronomia di Abbiategrasso (MI) “Abbiategusto”

Novembre 2005

Premio da parte della “Guida Critica & Golosa” come “Miglior Ristorante della Provincia di Milano”

Ottobre 2004

Apertura in proprio del ristorante “Il Vicolo di Emanuela e Cristian” a Corsico in provincia di Milano

Luglio 2001

Apertura e avvio attività della Pasticceria Roffioli a Montichiari provincia di Brescia. Pasticceria di famiglia nella quale opero ancora attivamente

Marzo 2000

A Chicago cena di gala “Alitalia”. Cena in cui si rappresentava la cucina italiana con i migliori chef. Claudio Sadler, Tonelli per Peck e Aimo e Nadia

Nel 2000

A Roma Hotel Hilton cena presentazione guida “I migliori Ristoranti d’Italia”  con Aimo Moroni

Premi e Riconoscimenti

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